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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

*Note: 'Thieves' is a registered trademark of Young Living Products. Pirate's Secret™ is not associated with Young Living or any of its affiliated companies. Pirate's Secret™ is not intended to confuse and / or represent itself as "Thieves" the popular product by Young Living and its affiliated companies. Instead Pirate's Secret™ is Wild at Heart Organic Farms version of the legendary 14th Century

 Herbal Blend"


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Stay Wild at Heart


My Hands are healed thanks to Pirate's Secret!

My hands were sore and cracked for years and nothing helped until I used Essential Oil di Thief! Now They are healed! I'm thrilled! 

~ Geary Hayes

Connor Skific | Pirate's Secret Thieves' Oil Blends

Connor Skific

Connor Skific ~ One of our favorite reviews:

"Big thanks to Pirate's Secret Premium Beard Oil For sending me their product to try out. I've always wondered how to fix the issue of beard flakes (face dandruff for the unbearded) which can be unsightly and embarrassing to say the least. This oil solves the problem instantly, it also gives your beard a nice manly woodsy smell, but not too strong smelling either which I was afraid it would be.

Something that kept me away from purchasing beard oil before this was the price. Other beard oil makers price people out of the market to buy their goods by selling the oils for $30, $35 or sometimes even $40. Pirate's is only $21 and will last you a pretty long time; I've had it for a month and only used a quarter of it so far.

It's also antibacterial so it will not cause acne to form even though it is an oil, which was a concern I had about other beard oils.

I definitely give this a 5 star recommendation." 

Thanks Connor Skific!

"If you haven't gotten a bottle of this stuff....I suggest you do!!.....its all natural and worth it...."

~Kayla Patterson, Redding, CA

Hi Janet!

I recently moved into a new house with a roommate. Its a wooden house with many gaps everywhere so naturally we get a lot of bugs. We called the insect guy and he sprayed but we still had a very bad fly problem. We tried everything. We hung those sticky ribbons and sprayed numerous products around the house. It just so happens that a few weekends ago i stopped by arts n chels place and I took a bottle of pirates secret. One evening i walked into my kitchen and found maggots all over the kitchen floor! It was straight out of a horror film. We swept them up and cleaned it up. After some research I learned eucalyptus helps with flies. So I sprayed your pirates mist everywhere!!! All over the window and door frames the trash can I even sprayed all my bed! And as you may know... The flies are GONE!!!! Y'all got a good thing going over there. Keep up the great work!

Kellie talks about her

mosquito bites!

"Right when my new tattoo started to flake and itch, I started using Pirate's Secret Tattoo Oil. It rejuvenated my skin and pumped it full of moisture, which is exactly what my tattoo needed. The itch went away and my tattoo never peeled, leaving it just as vibrant as the day I got it." .

~Ace, Sedona, AZ

"My tattoo was infected prior to applying the Pirate's Secret Essential Oil di Thief. I was hesitant at first with my unfamiliarity with the product, but I went ahead and tried it. The irritation faded immediately upon use and the itching went away.  I will use Pirate's Secret Essential Oil di Thief and Pirate's Secret Tattoo Oil Formula on all future tattoos. Great Products!"

Chris, Portland, OR


“My feet were itchy and embarrassing for ten years. I used Essential Oil di Thief for five days and my feet are like babies feet again. I highly recommend Pirate's Secret Essential Oil di Thief.” 

~Will, Redding, CA


"My feet were sick. I worked with my doctor for 4 months and nothing he offered helped me, but I used Pirate Secret™ Essential Oil di Thief on my toes and now my feet are pretty enough to wear sandals again. I'm a believer in Pirate's Secret."

~Dorothy, Grover Beach, CA

July 17 2017 

"Hi! I got a wasp sting a few weeks ago, and I am severely allergic to bees, luckily, i didnt have too bad of a reaction to the wasp. Anyways, I tried Calamine lotion, benadryl, a baking soda paste, and then i had some samples of your spray and it worked better than all of that stuff! So thank you! I was able to actually get some sleep! haha"

I was seriously shocked at how well it helped my wasp sting! Sold me right then and there on how awesome it is!


Our grandson who is autistic gets a bit obsessive about mosquito bites. Earlier this summer while camping, he received multiple bites on his legs, arms and face. The sores were lasting beyond six weeks and he just couldn’t leave them alone. I had read about essential oils being a help to autistic kids as a calming tool and was intrigued with the idea. So when we found the Pirate’s Secret booth at Turtle Bay farmer's market booth, we decided to try it. Within just a few days the bites were healing because the Pirates Mist stopped the urge to itch. I am really pleased with this product and it smells wonderful.

~ Patricia D.

Paul Marsh, Arcata, CA

Terry -Mt. Shasta, CA

Mosquito Bites!

Cecelia, Arcata, CA

Loves Oil di Thief!

I have had tiny ants in my kitchen and bathroom and have tried everything. I remembered that I had "Pirate's Mist" and thought I would try that. I sprayed it all around the area where the ants were two days ago.....and the ants are GONE!!! ......and it is natural and smells great!! 

Thank you Janet and Pirate's Secret!!!

~ Susie, Newton, MA


I love folks who farm, and I love organic!
Shout out to you Janet Anderson for your amazing products!
Wild at Heart Organic Farm and Pirate's Secret
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A Beautiful Glow

Karen Baxter

Santa Monica

Pirate's Secret™ Essential Oils

“Pirate’s Secret™ is my constant companion. I have used it multiple times per day for several years. Just a little drop or two and I’m protected for hours.  I also put beard oil in my hand and rub it into my beard and face twice a day.  I now shake hands with people when I have my Pirate Oil on. Thank you Janet and thanks for Pirate’s Secret™ Essential Oil di Thief. I don’t leave home without it.”

~Ron Anderson, Redding, CA


“I’m a little OCD about too many harmful chemicals in and around the kids. It started with my son’s sensitive skin issues . . . so I am hyper aware of added chemicals in both food and any products used in and around the house and my family . . .  Last week I finally made my solution in a spray bottle: distilled water, table spoon of dr bronners peppermint soap + 5-10 drops of your Pirates Secret! AMAZING!! I’ve been spraying my dishes before rinsing and also clean everything with it. The smell is great . . . Thanks for the great product! I made a bottle for pest spray and have made several more sprays around the house for everything else.”

~Shannon, Redding, CA


We just used the Pirate Oil on some ants and they disappeared..... the tsp mixed with 1/ 2 ounce of water.......        

~Andy Bolds, OH

I'll use this product for the rest of my life - on my hands and in my home

~Mel, Grover Beach, CA


"FYI I have only been using Wild at Heart Organic Farm and Pirate's Secret Beard Oil for just two days and can already feel an see the dif. Good for skin as well. Thank you Janet and Ron Anderson for the tip. So much softer and manageable.I even am using it on my eyebrows and if I still had hair on my head who knows" 

~David Tudor, WA