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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

*Note: 'Thieves' is a registered trademark of Young Living Products. Pirate's Secret™ is not associated with Young Living or any of its affiliated companies. Pirate's Secret™ is not intended to confuse and / or represent itself as "Thieves" the popular product by Young Living and its affiliated companies. Instead Pirate's Secret™ is Wild at Heart Organic Farms version of the legendary 14th Century

 Herbal Blend"


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ARRR Ye Sufferin'? Be Ye in Pain? ARGHH!

March 21, 2018

ARRR Ye Sufferin'? 

Be Ye In Pain? 


  • Do yer feet's have a sour odor?

  • Do yer boots smell like whiskey?

  • Do yer youngin's have smelly sports attire?

  • Ye be scratching?  Got ye a bug bite, mosquito bite, a heat rash, or itchy barnacled toes?  

  • ARR ye afeared that mosquitos are going to eat you or your wee ones alive?

  • Does ye have a fever blister, a wart, a fungal infection, or athletes foot?

  • Did ye burn yourself? Is yer skin been scorched by too much sun?

  • Does yer beard whiskers show Beardruff? Arrr yer skin itchy under your whiskers?

  • Does ye got a scabby itchy tattoo?

  • Blimey Is yeer couzin sneezing all over yer ship?

  • Arrr ye nauseous from the scurvey sickness?

  • Are you afeared of touching thee plagued infected grocery buggie's and public alehouse doors and handrails?

  • Does ye want somethin' for yer skin and ship, that be naturally made with herbs?

  • Then yee’ve come to the right place because . . . 



The Pirate’s Secret™ is your Quest Matey!!

We brought the past to the future.! To the now! 

Pirate's Secret™ is a Pirate Captain Roland Thunder's secret magical and medicinal herbal skincare potion that provides plant based wellness for men, women, children and dogs. Pirate’s Secret Essential Oils are devised from a secret recipe of six special herbs formulated for different uses on your skin, your hands, your face, your beard, your dog and in your home. You and your family can now use our Secret to counteract and neutralize microorganisms in your daily life to keep you performing at your very best.


Put Some Pirate's Secret™ on it!


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ARRR Ye Sufferin'? Be Ye in Pain? ARGHH!

March 21, 2018

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