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** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

*Note: 'Thieves' is a registered trademark of Young Living Products. Pirate's Secret™ is not associated with Young Living or any of its affiliated companies. Pirate's Secret™ is not intended to confuse and / or represent itself as "Thieves" the popular product by Young Living and its affiliated companies. Instead Pirate's Secret™ is Wild at Heart Organic Farms version of the legendary 14th Century

 Herbal Blend"


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The Essential Pirate’s Secrets - Organic Oil Inspired by a 14th Century Formula

December 26, 2017

Say goodbye to the ailments of life’s daily scourges, naturally and efficiently - with Pirate’s Secret Essential Oil, procured using the same formula that once kept the great ‘bubonic plague’ at bay! When the dominant cities of the world, constantly feared the arrival of the plague (usually causing death of millions of people), the French pirates were up discovering something so essential that it protected them from the huge problem. And now it is believed to be an essential natural element for healing your skin and can solve multiple problems.


The Pirate’s Secret - organic thieves’ oil for skin can be diluted or used as a concentrated formula. We have blended it with six high quality therapeutic grade essential oils and mixed with jojoba.



If your skin needs repair and everything you have tried has not helped so far, try the touch of the medieval era through the essential thieves’ blend from Pirate’s Secret. The wellness potion viable for both men and women will help you fight against itchy skin, dandruff, stinky shoes and feet, nausea and even fungal infections. With the secret recipe of six special herbs formulated for different uses on your skin, your hands, your face, your beard, and your home - leave nothing to destiny and everything on the vintage organic oils from Pirate’s Secret.

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