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Does your swamp cooler have bad breath?

June 28, 2017


We have been suffering with some pretty bad heat lately and have been running our swamp cooler non-stop. 

The other day, I walked into my house and noticed a peculiar smell. For a split second I wondered if the dog had piddled in the house.  Within  a second of noticing the smell though, I thought it had to be the water in my evaporative cooler. 

My next idea was the best idea I've had in a long time! I thought to myself, if I can use my Pure Pirate Oil in my diffuser to fumigate a sick room, then I can definitely use it in my swamp cooler to clean the water and purify the air in the house.  

So I grabbed my bottle of Pirate's Secret Pure Pirate Oil and added about 10 drops to the water in the swamp cooler base.  When I came back in the house I immediately noticed how much better the air smelled. I could tell that I fixed the problem. 

The musty smell was gone! 

The solution to most of the problems in our home is allways found in a bottle of Pirate's Secret Essential Oils!

Pirate's Secret Pure Pirate Oil did it's job by mixing itself into the water supply of the evaporator cooler and used its power of medicinal herbs to cleanse the water, which then purified the air in the house. 

It's absolutely amazing to me that the power of the six essential oils found in Pure Pirate Oil can succeed in  cleaning the water in the swamp cooler base, without the use of chemicals. No wonder they call it a swamp cooler. 

So if your house is running an evaporator cooler and starts smelling a little bit musty, go to and order a bottle of Pure Pirate Oil. It's so concentrated that a few drops go a long way. The bottle will last you a long time! I just use a few drops here and there! You can solve so many problems with Pirate's Secret. 

Learn more at 

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