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12 Weeks of Suffering Alleviated !

June 14, 2017


Another success story by

Last Friday my husband, Ron, came up to me in Costco and asked me if I would give my personal bottle of Essential Oil di Thief to a complete stranger in the Costco pharmacy line.

He explained to me that he overheard a woman talking about her 87 year old mother who had been suffering a dermatitis over her entire body for 12 weeks ! 

"Of course", I said, and I took my bottle out of my purse and handed it to him. It was a little more than half full.

The lady, Judy, was a bit startled that he would just give her something she knew nothing about. She turned to the pharmacist and asked him if essential oils would help her mother.

The pharmacist didn't know much, but said it might possibly cool the rash. 

Judy was a bit confused because she didn't t know anything about essential oils, but she was thankful and she accepted our gift.

Later that evening Judy called us at home and told us that she tested one spot of the Oil di Thief on her mother to see if there was a reaction, and then she used almost the entire bottle on her mother from head to toe.

After waiting a half hour, Judy's mother said,  "this is the most relief she has felt in over twelve weeks time".

Everyone was relieved that they finally found a product that helped.

Judy met us the next day and bought 4 more bottles of our Pirate's Secret Essential Oil di Thief , 2 of which were for her friend who has skin irritations, and 2 more for her dear mother. 

Yesterday, Judy's mother (Phyllis) called me and said she loved our Essential Oil di Thief! Phyllis ordered two more bottles of Oil di Thief . She said it had now been 13 weeks since her suffering began and she did not want to run out of the only thing that helped her.

Judy and Phyllis are the kinds of people that we look forward to helping out of a tortuous situation they are struggling with.

We are so happy to be able to help those in need.

If you or someone you know is looking for a solution to a skin irritation, please contact us here.

We have free samples that you can use as a test to see if Pirate's Secret is the answer for you.

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