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Raised Bed Gardening & Natural Solutions

July 21, 2016

The other day, I noticed a nice older couple had planted a beautiful raised bed garden in their back yard, and I thought it was very pretty. Upon further inspection I thought how sad that they spent so much money on pressure-treated lumber for their "organic" garden.

If someone you know is trying to raise organic vegetables, it's important to know that pressure treated lumber is treated with highly toxic creosote and other chemicals that can leach into the roots of your veggies. Try finding materials to build your raised beds that are non toxic like cinder blocks, old sections of old garage doors or corrugated sheet metal. If you have to use pressure treated lumber, line the inside of your box with a non toxic vapor barrier like Tyvek or its equivalent.

We always plant directly in the ground to avoid  this challenge. 

Remember to support your local organic nurseries and farmers markets. They sell non GMO plants that help our bees to pollinate. If you want to help the bees and our planet to start healing , help us find natural remedies for pests like commercial grade vinegar, Epsom salt, garlic and cayenne tea for spraying, and diatomaceous earth. Please do not use round up or round up resistant plants because it poisons you and your family when you eat it. Round up and other Pesticides also poison the bees, the insects, the birds, & the animal kingdom that eat those poisoned insects and those poisoned birds. 

Remember to use a not toxic  natural pest repellent like Pirate's Mist on your skin this summer instead of toxic chemical repellents for mosquitos. Learn more on how Pirate's Secret™ products can help you. 

Brought to you by Pirate's Secret Essential Oil's

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