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Experts Warn That “It’s Not A Matter Of If But When” A Major Pandemic Will Happen


Okay, I’ll admit it, a fear of a deadly global pandemic virus is and the main reason that I prep, sure


something, like an economic collapse certainly would not be enjoyable, but considering the repercussions and life changing events that would follow after such a pandemic event, an economic collapse pales in comparison.

A modern pandemic, of say the magnitude of the Black Death would cause a ripple effect that would reach far past the piles of bodies, mass graves and incineration chambers, it would also destroy the economy because people would be afraid to show up for work, people would be afraid to send their children to school, they would be afraid to be in or near anyone else and all for good reason.

When no one shows up for work modern civilization will quickly come to a halt, utilities shutdown, emergency personnel stay home, markets close their doors because no one shows up to buy and no one shows up to work, production halts because workers stay home or have passed away. The list could go on forever, but you get the point.

A modern pandemic would have a wide sweeping effect far beyond the actual sickness and death rate.

With The Black Death the fatality rate was recorded to over 25 million people or one-fourth of the entire population, now think about percentage and todays, population of over 7.046 billion people. One-fourth of our current  population of 7.046 billion people gone, dead and burning to ashes in massive cremation piles or bulldozed into the thousands of unmarked mass graves that have been scattered over the landscape.

And according to the experts at the CDC  “it’s not a matter of if but when” a major pandemic will happen…

Flu pandemics have happened throughout history. They occur from time to time, and some are worse than others.

Three flu pandemics happened in the 1900s. Near the end of World War I, the 1918 Flu Pandemic was the most severe flu pandemic of the century. It killed about 675,000 people in the United States and between 20 to 50 million people around the world.

If you check your family’s history, you may find how your family was affected at that time. Almost everyone was touched in some way by the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Other flu pandemics in the 1900s were less severe.

Public health experts say it’s not a matter of IF a flu pandemic will happen, but WHEN. We cannot predict when the next flu pandemic will happen.

No this isn’t just some doomsday prophecy, that was written down a millennium ago by a “fortune-teller” after awakening from a nightmare, or the ranting’s of some modern-day doomsday cult leader, but a prediction that is based on history and scientific medical fact.

It is going to happen – a major pandemic that will kill millions and possibly even billions will happen in the future. Count on it…

And even, if you manage to not fall victim to the virus, the following domino effect, will have far-reaching, and catastrophic life changing consequences for you. Such an event would be the true end of the world as we know it or TEOTWAWKI that everyone has been talking about.

Surviving the initial outbreak might turn out to be the easy part if you’re prepared and careful with the aftermath being the real challenge for survival…

Remember the movie based on the Steven King novel “The Stand (link to full movie)” where an accidental release of a super-deadly strain of the flu from a secret military laboratory known as Project Blue started a chain reaction that lead to the deaths of millions…  Unfortunately, that part of the movie is a distinct possibility, especially considering the fact the scientist are continually at work manipulating different bugs and viruses in an effort to make them stronger, deadlier and easier to spread from animal to animal and from person and person to person.

Scientists Warn About the Danger of Pandemic Due to a lab Mutated Virus

A group of scientists warned the European Commission about the danger of a possible leak from a laboratory of a mutated virus that could cause a pandemic with catastrophic results.

In a letter. Experts which include various Nobel Prize, they denounced the possible civilian and military use of experiments conducted at Erasmus Medical Center, in Rotterdam, Holland.

According to the newspaper The Independent, that center intentionally modifies the H5N1 avian flue virus with the purpose of making new stumps that could be transmitted from to birds to mammalians and to human. It seems the Dutch authorities warned the mastermind of the experiments, Ron Fouchier, that they need an export license before being published in a foreign journal.

However, this expert’s work was protected by the president of the European Virology Society, Giorgio Palu, who asked the European Commission to leave Rotterdam Lab continue its work, Noted the Independent.

In addition the 56 scientists who signed the warning letter argued that the experiments want to create new viral infections and there is always the risk of a leak.

Besides, experts see with great concern the future announcement of the results of this dangerous investigation as, they said, can be reproduced in malicious hands.

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