Pure Pirate Oil ~ Pure Concentrate
Pure Pirate Oil ~ Pure Concentrate

Pure Pirate Oil ~ Pure Concentrate

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UN-CUT, for Aromatherapy Only, unless you mix with a carrier!

This is our Strongest PURE Essential Oil Pirate's Blend Love Potion, because Clove is a natural aphrodisiac & it's irresistible!

Compared to other expensive blends this is priced perfect for you! And you don't have to join a club to purchase. We use the highest quality essential oils from reputable vendors around the world! We use High Quality real Cinnamon Bark essential oil (not cinnamon leaf) and Clove Bud essential oil in our blend. 

All of our ingredients are pure therapeutic grade essential oils that are more beneficial to you and your family. 

Pirates Secret® Pure Pirate Oil is a legendary blend of 6 spicy essential oils that Pirate’s, Thieves & Apothecaries used during the Plague!

No one knew how they made themselves immune to the Plague because it was a Secret!

Pure Pirate Oil is the SECRET formula that was mixed by apothecaries and plague doctors to keep the smell of the plague away. The Legendary Herbs had organic antibodies that were thought to make them immune to the Black Death. The legend states that 4 Thieves were caught & had to tell the SECRET.

It all starts here, from this Secret Legendary Blend.

Used for hundreds of years!

"It was the apothecaries and perfumers who worked daily with essential oils that escaped the plagues and epidemics that swept through Europe."

~ Kayla Fioravanti, R.A.

The Art, Science and Business of Aromatherapy

If you love the smell of cinnamon and cloves with a hint of Lemon you're going to love Pirate’s Secret® 🏴‍☠️!!

We live with antibiotic resistant virulent illnesses from overuse of pharmaceuticals. Our immune systems are compromised by pesticides and toxins in our air, water and food. We must look to our ancestors now. How did they survive the plague?

The Plague Doctor is in!  Made with 100% PURE Therapeutic grade essential oils.

Use a few drops in a diffuser to fumigate a sick room, or mix 1-2 drops with up to 4 ounces of your favorite carrier oil, lotion, soap, water or shampoo. USE by dropper in Bathwater, Dishwater, Floor-cleaning solution, Swamp Cooler, Spray bottle, Laundry Soap, or other carrier oil. 

Pirates Secret Pure Pirate Oil is un-cut & extremely concentrated. Do Not apply directly on your skin without first diluting with a carrier oil. Pure Pirate Oil is made of 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Pure Pirate Oil is for aromatherapy only unless mixed with carrier oil.

Tamper Resistant Beautiful Reusable Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle! Perfect for storing Essential Oils.