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Pirate's Mist ~ Medium Strength
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Pirate's Mist ~ Medium Strength

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  • Mild Organic Pandemic Spray for daily use.
  • Use on dry cracked hands. 
  • Hands feel clean, soft & moisturized.
  • Safe spicy organic bug spray that your little pirate kids will love.
  • Organic under arm deodorant & more.

Then Pirate’s Mist is for you! 

Breathe in the aroma of spices and flowers.

Medium Spicy Formula - The perfect blend of essential oils for daily use.

All Natural- 14th Century Plague Fighting Recipe.  Made by Pirate’s that sailed the seven seas for exotic herbs & spices. 

Pirate’s & Thieves used a Secret Formula on their hands and skin to deal with the everyday scourges they encountered during their thievery. 

Pirate's Mist's gentle spice fragrance is formulated with a milder recipe of our Pirate's Secret® original formula.

Children love it! 

Use Pirate's Mist on your hands and body every day for stepping out, around town, for Air Travel, for aromatherapy, as an underarm deodorant, on smelly feet or in smelly shoes, spray athletic equipment, spray on sheets & pet beds, or use as a deterrent for mosquitoes and pests.  Safe for children. 

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