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** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

*Note: 'Thieves' is a registered trademark of Young Living Products. Pirate's Secret™ is not associated with Young Living or any of its affiliated companies. Pirate's Secret™ is not intended to confuse and / or represent itself as "Thieves" the popular product by Young Living and its affiliated companies. Instead Pirate's Secret™ is Wild at Heart Organic Farms version of the legendary 14th Century

 Herbal Blend"


Copyright 2017 by Pirate's Secret™. All Rights Reserved

Let it be known that the Spicy Aroma of all
Pirate's Secret® Essential Oils
can turn a Gentleman into a Scoundrel!


A Legendary Potion That Keeps

Your Beard Smooth & Your Skin Soft!

Attract The Best Wenches and Protect Against The Scourges! 

PIRATE'S SECRET™ PREMIUM BEARD OIL Features our legendary Thieves Essential Oil di Thief blend! This unique blend used by pirates of the 14th century protects your beard and keeps you looking well-groomed and sharp. You'll be ready to take on any modern day adventure with the courage rivaling the marauding pirates the 14th century.

The only beard oil with built-in immunity for health & wellness! Jojoba is the best oil for your beard because it's a wax ester and non greasy! Formulated with 6 essential oils, 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil & Argan Oil.

One reason Jojoba is the Best Oil for you beard is because it deals with the itchy skin that causes Beard Dandruff!  Our Premium Beard Oil is also used daily for a moisturizing after shave that helps with shaving bumps!


$21.00 FOR 1 0Z.

The Best Beard Oil Online!

Pirate’s Secret™ Beard Oil is the Cadillac of all premium beard oils! No other beard oil contains the protection from the elements like Pirate’s Secret™.

Your beard will actually be cleaner because of our added element of Pirate's Secret™ Essential Oil di Thief in each bottle. Our Premium Beard oil is perfect for your skin too. It can be used as a moisturizing after shave lotion & facial emollient. The best part is... It smells like Adventure!



TO USE: Shampoo your beard and towel dry. With fingertips, apply a few drops of Pirate’s Secret™ Premium Beard Oil into your damp beard & mustache. Massage into the skin & hair follicles. Use your fingers or a comb to disperse through your facial hair. Or use as an aftershave for shaving bumps.

  • Our blend of beard oil helps protect your beard and skin

  • Your beard will be feeling silky smooth and oil free

  • All natural ingredients used by 14th-century pirates

Connor Skific | Pirate Premium Beard Oil


that turns a Pirate into a scoundrel is


Clove is a natural known aphrodisiac*

A unique blend of non-toxic, purifying, nourishing and moisturizing ingredients combine to make the legendary formula that is Pirate's Secret™

Pirate's Secret® Premium-Beard-Oil-square

Mild formula

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