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  • Janet

A pocket Full Of Posies

Updated: Mar 12

Ring around the rosie,

Pockets full of posies;

Ashes, ashes,

We all fall down.

Did you know that this nursery rhyme was related to a pandemic?

The Plague or Black Death that devastated Europe in the middle ages was known to have a terrible stench, so people stuffed their pockets with posies. The "ring around the rosie" referred to the rosy-red round rash marks on the persons skin. The dead were often cremated which is why the phrase "ashes, ashes" was added and the "we all fall down" is about dying.

During that same time, Plague doctors stuffed their beak shaped masks with herbs to help ease the stench, but the herbs they used were also anti viral, antibacterial, antiseptic anti-infectious and anti-parasitic.

The same herbs are used in Pirate's Secret® Essential Oils.

Thats why we recommend using Pirate's Secret® everyday. We use Essential Oil di Thief or Pirate's Mist on our hands constantly throughout the day during the flu season. Now that there is a Coronavirus Pandemic heading our way we want you to use it as well.

The fact that our product is plant based, organic and vegan, you can spray it right on a face mask and breathe the aromatherapy in. It will lift your spirits right away and create another barrier from unwanted microorganisms.

If they were using these herbs 400 years ago then we should also be using them today?

Pirate's Secret® ~ Don't leave home without it!

After you wash your hands, Put some Pirate's Secret on them and tell your children to use it.