Discover the Secret


The “SECRET” is in each of our products. The SECRET is derived from a Legendary 14th Century Thieves* Plague Preventative recipe.


Pirate's Secret Essential Oil di Thief is a Plant Based Immunity Oil for Your Skin and Aromatherapy!

All Five of our Products aid in the prevention of illness and disease with naturally occurring antibodies built in from Mother Nature.

Pirate's Secret® is a SECRET blend of essential oils, that protected the Pirating Thieves of 14th Century France from the Plague pandemic. It's a natural wellness oil that is specially formulated with 6 essential oils all of which have natural wellness properties through skin absorption and aromatherapy.** 

How it works. Choose the one that suits your family Best! We have five different combinations of our special 14th century legendary 14th century blend from strong to mild formulas.

Pure Pirate Oil (Concentrated)

Pirate's Gold (aka Essential Oil di Thief, strong)

Pirate's Mist (medium strength)

Premium Beard Oil (mild)

Ageless Radiance (mild)