About Us

 The LEGEND tells of four thieves being caught by the King of France who had been robbing the homes and the graves of plague victims and walking away with no black death.

If it worked during the Plague Pandemic, then it's worth a try now for a preventative measure.


Many moons ago we were told about "thieves oil". We read numerous articles that told of a legend about special herbs that kept 14th Century Pirates, Thieves, and Apothecaries immune to the plague pandemic. We discovered the SECRET recipe that was given to the King of France and created Pirate's Secret® Essential Oils. We made several strong to mild strengths of our SECRET Pirate Oil for you to choose from. 

"What we Find in a Soulmate is not something WILD to tame, but something WILD to run with".                      
~ Robert Brutal



It All Started On Our Hobby Farm

A little bit of history about our farm and how we created the Pirate's Secret® brand of products.

Wild at Heart Organic Farm is a small hobby farm in Northern California and is a dream 40 years in the making.

It was love at first sight when Ron and I met and fell in love in Ashland, Oregon, 1979. We married in 1981 in Mt. Shasta, California and lived there for 12 freezing cold years. In 1993 we moved to Redding, California for its Mediterranean climate, where we now live, and work, at Wild at Heart Organic Farm. When our daughter moved to Humboldt County for college we learned about the Humboldt Crud and wanted to prevent it from getting us all sick.


What we've found is that 99% of the people we share it with absolutely love it as much as we do. Our daughter refers to us as the parents in the movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", except in that movie the father promotes a chemical glass cleaner and we promote all natural organic remedies for wellness.

We developed a plant based formula for our family that we love. We have been using it daily for over a decade now. We have several different recipes for you to choose from, each is specially formulated for different skin applications. We love it for a boost in hand cleaning, for pest repellent, for aromatherapy, an air freshener, and an additive to household cleaning solutions. We use it for everything!


Our hope is that we serve as an example of how to live a green sustainable life. To grow and eat healthy organic homegrown food and to leave our planet better than we found it. Our wish is to inspire others to establish successful sustainable living practices that will help us all, and protect Mother Earth.

We believe in converting landscape plants to edible food sources at home. No lawns at all. We have always believed in planting GMO-free fruit trees and heirloom vegetables and practice sustainable farming methods. Our drip irrigation system conserves water and we utilize chemical-free soil nutrients. 

We encourage others to stop using one time use plastic and all other contaminants that harm the environment. 

We send our love to you and hope that Pirate's Secret® makes the difference in your life as it has in ours.


Ron & Janet Anderson