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** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

*Note: 'Thieves' is a registered trademark of Young Living Products. Pirate's Secret™ is not associated with Young Living or any of its affiliated companies. Pirate's Secret™ is not intended to confuse and / or represent itself as "Thieves" the popular product by Young Living and its affiliated companies. Instead Pirate's Secret™ is Wild at Heart Organic Farms version of the legendary 14th Century

 Herbal Blend"


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Pirate's Secret® Pirate's Mist

Pirate's Mist Smells Like Adventure

The spicy AROMA can turn a Pirate into a Scoundrel! YARRR!

Pirate's Mist aids in the preventative steps we take each day to be well. These herbs have been known throughout history to help boost and maintain wellness.

Safe For Enough for Small Children To Use Daily!

1 oz. bottle $14.99

2 oz. bottle $21.00

 Pirate’s Mist 

smells like the trade winds of the Caribbean,

Pirates Mist is a natural purifying spray, formulated for daily use.


Pirate's Mist is a milder form of our Pirate's Secret® Gold Label recipe formulated for everyday use as an aerosol. Safe enough for small children to use. Great for spraying on a facemask during pandemics to ward off microorganisms and add an extra layer of protection.

Spray in smelly shoes or rub into skin to keep bugs at a distance. You will love using in public places when you want to avoid unwanted germs. Shake before using as we do not add emulsifiers. 




Mist is great for use in while traveling. Use on your hands as a hand cleaner against everyday scourges or use it as a deterrent to pests. Spray on facemasks, on hands, on underarms, in shoes, door knobs, phones, light switch plates, mattresses, on dog beds & collars. Spritz your body as a cool refresher, or use as an air freshener. Kids love it!


Pirate's Mist is amazing because of it's versatility - It moisturizes while it keeps me safe. I use it for dry skin, a bug repellant, as a hand sanitizer or even as a massage oil. I keep a bottle in my car, because I use it daily. It's so much better for me than chemical sanitizers. The best part is that it's Vegan! Everyone should use this.

Aislinn, Redding, California

 Pirate's Mist Suggested Uses


Pirate's Mist comes in 1 oz and 2 oz bottles



Pirate's Mist is a gentle version of Pirate's Secret® Gold Label and also offers cellular level cleansing while moisturizing the skin.

Recommended  for those who want a chemical free effective product.


Pirate's Mist aids in the preventative steps we take each day to be well.

These herbs have been known

throughout history to help boost and maintain wellness.

Place one bottle in the bathroom, one at the kitchen sink, one in the car and one in your backpack or purse.

Shake it up and spray it anywhere and everywhere you want. It's safe and effective.

Shake well before each use.

SUGGESTED USES for Pirate's Mist:

  • spritz on hands for a preventative against the scourges.

  • spritz arms and legs when outside to deter pesky flying varmints.

  • may provide a feeling of relief to insect stings.

  • as a room freshener

  • to fumigate a sick room

  • on a face mask for extra protection

  • spray into stinky shoes & kids sporting equipment & uniforms

  • air freshener in the bathroom

  • spray on skanky feet and toes

  • spritz the car, spray door knobs, phones, light switch plates, etc.

  • as an underarm perfume.

  • for aromatherapy

  • spritz on hands and rub it on chest when your ailing

  • spray it on mattresses for cleansing & freshening

  • spritz pillows once a month

  • for wellness of the animals in your life, spray it on your dogs beds for an invisible do not disturb sign

  • also for wellness of your dog, make a protective collar for the dog by spritzing the collar and then placing it on the pet.

  • spritz your meditation area before meditating and place your mind in the unbridled freedom of the wide open seas.

  • spritz exercise area before exercising or clean your exercise mat with it for a fresh clean scent.

  • Before bed, spritz your bedroom to create a place of love & serenity. Spicing up your life a bit at night.

Local deliveries available upon request