What is Pirate's Secret®?

Pirate's Secret® is an Organic, Plant Based, Moisturizing Topical Oil for Skin Care, Beard Care, Home Care and Aromatherapy! Made from Herbs & Spices used by Pirate's, Thieves & Apothecaries during the 14th Century Plague Pandemic.

Pirate's Secret® is our signature trademarked scent of essential oils mixed with organic carriers of Jojoba & Argan Oil from Morocco. 

We live with antibiotic resistant virulent illnesses from overuse of pharmaceuticals. Our immune systems are compromised by pesticides and toxins in our air, water and food.

We must look to our ancestors now & ask ourselves how they survived the plague without modern day science.

According to the leading published herbalists & scientific studies, Cinnamon,

Clove, & Eucalyptus are proven to have natural, anti viral properties built into them.

The Plague Doctor is in!

plague doctor and Pirate's Secret

Pirate's Secret® golden moisturizing serum can be purchased in 6 different strengths:

  • - Mild-Premium Beard Oil & Ageless Radiance
  • - Medium-Pirate's Mist
  • - Strong-Pirate's Secret® Original Formula
  • - Pure Pirate Oil 

    The aroma lifts your spirits!

    Are your spirts down and you want to have a breath of fresh air?  
    If you love the smell of Cinnamon, Cloves & Lavender with a hint of Lemon
    You're going to love our Pirate’s 🏴‍☠️ Secret® Blend of Essential Oils. 
    Lifts your spirits - woman surfing

    A Vintage Ancestral Secret Blend of Essential Oils 
    For organic skin care, aromatherapy & home care
    Handmade with Love

    The Stress Reducing Aromatherapy
    • Eases suffering and lifts your spirits
    • Smells fresh, clean, & unforgettably amazing
    • Plant-based skin care that really works
    Feelings you'll get
    • good energy, focused and self-confident
    • Feel calm, centered and happy every day
    • Feel relieved and empowered
    Scents of Adventure
    The table shows the specific wellness properties of each herb we use in our product.
    This scientific evidence is based on information provided by:
    "The Art, Science & Business of Aromatherapy" by Kayla FioravantiIngredient chart of Pirate's Secret®