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With Argan oil of Morocco-Pirate's Secret® Premium Beard Oil
Pirate's Secret Premium Beard Oil
Premium Beard Oil

Premium Beard Oil

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Our Premium Beard Oil has a herbal resistance formula built in >¿ÒÚ
Your beard’s best kept secret for smoothness and touch-ability!

Long, lustrous, sexy beards... that's what people are into. Pirate beards, hipster beards, metal beards, motorcycle beards, whatever it is doesn't really matter. We like it. . . .  It's The Best Beard Oil Online!


    ~ Mild Spicy Blend ~
    Smells like Adventure!
    • Contains Argan Oil from Morocco!
    • & Jojoba! The Best oil for you beard & face.
    • Great for itchy skin that causes Beard Dandruff!
    • Also a Moisturizing Aftershave! 
    Don’t waste your time on the rest,
    Pirate’s Secret® is the best !

    14th Century Pirates used this SECRET recipe for protection from the harsh elements at sea! 

    • Pirate’s Secret® Premium Beard Oil outperforms all other beard oils!   
    • Non-Greasy Formula created by Pirates in the 14th Century!
    • PIRATE'S SECRET® PREMIUM BEARD OIL - created from our Legendary Pirate's Secret® concentrated blend!

     To use, shampoo your beard and towel dry. With fingertips, apply a few drops of Pirate’s Secret® Premium Beard Oil into your damp beard & mustache. Massage into the skin & hair follicles. Use your fingers or a comb to disperse through your facial hair. Use as an aftershave for shaving bumps. Can also be used to soften scabs & tattoos, soothe burns & scrapes, tattoos and bug bites.

    Easily incorporates into your daily regimen. Buy online now!

    More uses click here

     Pirate's Secret®

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