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Pirate's Secret® Sets

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Our Pirate’s Secret recipe is our signature trademarked scent that we produce in several different strengths. Premium Beard Oil and Ageless Radiance are the mildest strength of our scent, while Pirate’s Gold is the strongest. There is a LEGENDARY SECRET recipe of herbs that was used in the 14th century (during the time of the plague) by pirates, thieves & apothecaries. The legend states that thieves were robbing the homes of plague victims over and over again and never catching the plague. When the King caught them they had to reveal their immunity secrets or else go to the guillotine.

This is the same recipe we use in our Secret formula!

Our strongest most effective product with the most potency is PIRATES GOLD. It is used for any issues you have with your skin, especially crusty pirate feet, fungal infections, fever blisters, or a mosquito bite. It’s powerful and the aromatherapy lifts your spirits. Learn more at  

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