Pirate’s Mist on your mask.



“I use Pirate’s Mist on my mask all the time especially during forest fires. The aromatherapy really helps me breathe easier”


🌿 Pirate’s Secret is based on a “Thieves oil legendary recipe from the 14th century”!
‘Pirate’s Secret’ is a combination of essential oils which help to sterilize and kill off the bad bugs...which couldn't be more handy right now!
🍃 You can use our medium strength Pirate’s Mist on your mask for daily aromatherapy or make a super mild mist by adding 3 to 5 drops Pirate’s Secret Pure Pirate Oil into a 4 oz. water spray bottle, shake every time before using and you can spray onto the throat, into honey or teas, or over body hands, etc to sterilize. Can also add to oil base to use topically or add to shampoo and conditioner or soaps etc.

Pirate’s Mist

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