Pirate's Secret

Mist Set ~ Large or Small

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Formulated for your skin by Pirate's!

SAVE on a Set of two! 

Suggested Uses: 

 Pirate's Secret® - Athlete’s Foot, Fever Blisters, Fungal problems, Sunburns, Bites, Abrasions, Rashes, Acne, & Feet, or for General Purpose House Cleaning as an additive to your dish water, laundry, bathtub water, lotions, shampoos, or your favorite carriers oils for massages and aromatherapy. 

Pirate's Mist on your hands and body every day for stepping out, around town, for aromatherapy, as an underarm deodorant, on smelly feet or in smelly shoes, spray athletic equipment, spray on sheets & pet beds, or use as a deterrent for mosquitoes and pests.  Safe for children.

Large Set - 1 oz. Pirate's Secret® & 2 oz. Pirate's Mist                    $42.00


Small Starter Set - 1/2 oz. Pirate's Secret® & 1 oz. Pirate's Mist     $27.00

Tamper Resistant Beautiful Reusable Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles! Perfect for storing Essential Oils.