The Plague Doctor is In

Are you afraid of a the coronavirus and pandemics?

Pirates Secret is your alternative to chemicals and petroleum products.

Pirates Secret is a Golden Elixir for your health, your skin, & your home.

The Secret is a potion of 6 herbs that Thieves, Pirate’s & Apothecaries used to combat the Plague in 14th Century Europe.
The Pirate’s and Thieves learned from the Apothecaries in the 14th century who wore beak shaped masks that were filled with herbs & oils. The apothecaries (also known as plague doctors) knew that these herbs had been used for centuries to fight other diseases. They didn’t know how the herbs worked until science proved they had anti-viral properties in modern times. These specific herbs in Pirate’s Secret Essential Oils are antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti infectious, anti fungal, and anti-parasitic plus so much more! In the days of the Plague, legend has it, that these herbal concoctions made them immune to the the Black Death.
Flash forward to 2020, we live with antibiotic resistant virulent illnesses from overuse of pharmaceuticals and our immune systems are compromised by pesticides and toxins in our air, water and food.
We must look to our ancestors now. They have the answers from generations of being organic gardeners and using herbs to heal their sick and wounded. Now that we know the scientific medicinal properties of each herb, we can see the benefits of using organic antibodies for self healing.
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