Courage comes in many forms

Courage involves the presence of Fear while Bravery never acknowledges any fear or hesitations.

Feather with quote about bravery and courage

Courage comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s courageous for people to get out of bed in the morning. For whatever reason they might be suffering a loss in the family, or they just don’t feel well. Placing 1 foot in front of the other is the most courageous thing they can do when they’re suffering. And I understand the courage it takes to rise up from a bad situation because I’ve been there before.
Right now, I’m trying to find the courage to start working out again.

I Don’t know about you, but my life is filled with a lot of computer time and the rest of my time is spent getting stuff done around the house,

getting the garden planted, getting the dishes done getting the vacuuming done and the list goes on.

i’m going to start making time for myself. I want to be someone who looks forward  to exercising and feeling good about myself again. This last year of Covid and social distancing has just turned me into a couch potato 🥔. 

I’ve taken a lot of classes this past year, I’ve re-built my webpage, helped plant our garden and so much more. I suffered through some Facebook jail time and learned valuable lessons there as well. And although I’ve learned a lot this past year, I somehow neglected my own self care.  

My goal is to lift myself up by hitting the reboot button on myself! Do you want to join me in the betterment quest? I’m here for you if you need some encouragement!



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