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Anti-viral antibacterial Prodcuts

Pirate’s Secret®

2 for $35 ~ Pirate's Mist 2 oz
2 for $35 ~ Pirate's Mist 2 oz

2 for $35 ~ Pirate's Mist 2 oz

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is an Organic, Plant Based, Moisturizing Topical Oil for Skin Care, Beard Care, Home Care and Aromatherapy! Made from Herbs & Spices used by Pirate's, Thieves & Apothecaries during the 14th Century Plague Pandemic.

Pirate's Secret® is our signature trademarked scent of essential oils mixed with organic carriers of Jojoba & Argan Oil from Morocco. 

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Stress Reducing Aromatherapy

- Eases suffering and lifts your spirits

- Smells fresh, clean, & unforgettably amazing

- Plant-based skin care that really works

- Feelings you'll get good energy, focused and self-confident, and more...


The Legend of the Four Thieves

We must look to our ancestors now & ask ourselves how they survived the plague without modern day science. This tells us that they used spices, herbs & vinegars to fight the pestilence. Our SECRET Blend of essential oils uses those herbs for an organic alternative to the modern day world.

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The Future Of Organic Oils, Pirate's Secret®

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Pirate's Secret® Testimonials

"I was lucky enough to get a sample of Pirate's Secret Essential Oil at our local Farmer's Market. Our family has a history of abnormal skin lesions due to our light complexions. I had a spot on my neck that probably needed an ointment from the dermatologist that I had gotten in the past.  Long story short, I decided to try the Pirate's Secret, (original strong blend), on the lesion instead and it was GONE WITHIN 5 DAYS!"

Cher Matthews

"My hands were sore and cracked for years and nothing helped until I used Essential Oil di Thief! Now They are healed! I'm thrilled!"

Geary H.

“My feet were itchy and embarrassing for ten years. I used Essential Oil di Thief for five days and my feet are like babies feet again. I highly recommend Pirate's Secret Essential Oil di Thief.” 

Will, Redding

"Hi! I got a wasp sting a few weeks ago, and I am severely allergic to bees, luckily, I didn't have too bad of a reaction to the wasp. Anyways, I tried Calamine lotion, benadryl, a baking soda paste, and then I had some samples of your spray and it worked better than all of that stuff! So thank you! I was able to actually get some sleep! I was seriously shocked at how well it helped my wasp sting! Sold me right then and there on how awesome it is!"


"Our grandson who is autistic gets a bit obsessive about mosquito bites. Earlier this summer while camping, he received multiple bites on his legs, arms and face. The sores were lasting beyond six weeks and he just couldn’t leave them alone. I had read about essential oils being a help to autistic kids as a calming tool and was intrigued with the idea. So when we found the Pirate’s Secret booth at Turtle Bay farmers market, we decided to try it. Within just a few days the bites were healing because the Pirates Mist stopped the urge to itch. I am really pleased with this product and it smells wonderful."

Patricia D.

"I have had tiny ants in my kitchen and bathroom and have tried everything. I remembered that I had "Pirate's Mist" and thought I would try that. I sprayed it all around the area where the ants were two days ago.....and the ants are GONE!!! ......and it is natural and smells great!! Thank you Janet and Pirate's Secret!!!"

Susie, Newton